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GATE 2016 Answer key – Question paper [All Branches]

GATE 2016 answer key for all branches can be downloaded from here. If you are on this page, then its already clear that you need GATE 2016 answer key to make some prediction about your score in GATE exam. And here are we, GATE Question paper 2016 are uploaded to this page and links to download pages are given below in tables. You need to downloaded and save GATE 2016 answer key to your device. Answer key of GATE 2016 for all discipline will be released by IISC after 7th Feb 2016.

GATE 2016 Answer key

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering- GATE exam is to be conducted on 30th- 31st January,  6th and 7th February 2016 in various examination centers across. I think, I don’t need to explain that why it’s being conducted and who conducts that etc because, If you have come to visit this page then you know everything about GATE examination. As I mentioned earlier that GATE 2016 examination will be conducted on 4 different dates, So date of examination for different branches are also scheduled.

GATE exam for some branches may be conduct on two days and aspirants of GATE exam will have to appear in the examination according to the date and schedule mentioned on their GATE Admit card.

GATE Answer key 2016

GATE answer key is one of the most inquired topics of all time. You already know the importance of GATE 2016 answer key and how it will help you to calculate your approximate score in the GATE examination. You will get a slight confirmation about whether you have satisfied GATE 2016 Cut off marks or not.

GATE 2016 answer key is to be released by various coaching centers like GateForum, IES Academy, Ace Academy etc. Most of these keys contains accurate solution for each question. Answer key of GATE 2016 exam will be uploaded individually for each branch and by each coaching center. GATE 2016 Answer key by Coaching institutes will be uploaded on this page.

Download Answer key from these coaching institutes

GATE answer key GateForum             GATE answer key IES Academy

GATE answer key Ace Academy              GATE answer key MadeEasy

GATE Answer key 30th January 2016

As GATE 2016 examination will be conducted on four different days, so answer key for each day will be different than others. On 30th January 2016, GATE exam will be conducted for ME, BT, CH, EC, GG, PH, MN paper codes and you will get GATE 30th Jan 2016 answer key from this page. You will get GATE answer key 2016 for following paper codes as their exam is to be conducted on 30th January.

GATE 2016 ECE answer key

GATE 2016 Mechanical Answer key

On 30th January 2016, GATE exam will be conducted for Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Geology and Geophysics, Physics, Mining Engineering.

Answer key Download links




GATE 2016 Answer key for

GATE 2016 Mechanical Answer key
GATE 2016 ECE answer key
GATE 2016 Biotechnology Answer key
GATE Chemical Engineering Answer key
Geology and Geophysics
Mining Engineering
GATE 2016 physics Answer key

Note: Click on any Branch to get answer key for that particular Branch.

GATE Answer key 31st Jan 2016

GATE 2016 Exam for ME, EC, AR, CY, IN, MA and PE will be conducted on 31st January. As I told you earlier that examination for same branch can be conducted on 2 consecutive days, some branches from 31st Jan are also included on this day. GATE answer key 31st Jan 2016 will be provided for All these branched and you will get a download link on this page from which you will be able to download you answer keys in pdf format.

Answer key Download Links

GATE Answer key for

GATE answer key Mechanical
GATE answer key ECE – Electronic
Instrumentation Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

Note: Click on any Branch to get answer key for that particular Branch.

GATE Answer key 6th February 2016

GATE exam for Computer Science-CSE, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering-EE will be conducted on 6th Feb 2016. These are 3 of the 4 most appeared branches of GATE exam. Around 25% of the total GATE aspirants are only from these three branches. Civil, Electronics Communication engineering and Mechanical engineering are other three most appeared Branches of GATE exam. After the completion of examination on 6th February 2016, We will provide you GATE 2016 answer key for these three branches on this page.

You will be able to find attachment and would be able to download them from the links given below in the table.

Answer key Download Links

GATE answer key

GATE 2016 Computer Science answer key
GATE 2016 Civil answer key
GATE 2016 Electrical answer key

Note: Click on any Branch to get answer key for that particular Branch.

GATE answer key 7th February 2016

7th February 2016 is reserved for GATE exam. GATE exam for EE will be conducted on both 6th and 7th Feb 2016. Answer key for 6th Feb will be uploaded in the table given above and answer keys for 7th Feb examination will be provided by attaching links to the table given below.

Answer key Download Links


GATE answer key for

Chemical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Ecology and Evolution
Metallurgy answer key
Production & Industrial Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Textile & Fiber engineering
Life Science answer key
Engineering Science

Note: Click on any Branch to get answer key for that particular Branch.

GATE answer key for all these paper codes will be provided in pdf format, right here on this page. We advise you to download answer key for your branch only. Don’t get confused with different dates and find your GATE 2016 answer key in the table which is labeled with the date you appeared in your exam on.

As examination will be online so there will not be any sets in GATE examination. Question for all candidates will be almost same but they will be randomized for each seat. As you all know that Non Programmable Calculators are now allowed in GATE examination, So you can carry a Non programmable calculator along with you.

GATE 2016 answer key will not be released so soon but you will get answer keys because it will be published by various coaching institutes. We will upload them all on this page and we have also created individual pages for answer keys of various branches. You can navigate through our navigation panel and find Question paper for GATE 2016 as per your branches.

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